Firm Profile

Bruce C. Moore, P.C. is a law firm centered on the trial skills of Bruce C. Moore. With 27 years of civil trial experience, Bruce Moore has tried over 160 civil cases. Our focus in the last ten (10) years has been on commercial civil litigation. From anti-trust cases in the health industry to shareholder disputes, Bruce C. Moore, P.C. brings a wealth of experience to enforcing the rights of our clients in business disputes.

The firm takes a team approach to enforcing our clients rights in the more complex and difficult cases. While Mr. Moore handles the over all strategy, planning, client interaction, and actual trial work, our other staff members bring a wealth of experience and talent to the pleading and discovery stage of our cases. These include the drafting of complaints and motions, and the research behind the writings.

Formed in a small city, Bruce C. Moore, P.C. brings a strong work ethic and David v. Goliath approach to the cases that we select and try to juries.

We often supplement our resources by associating with local attorneys in various states, allowing us to take advantage of local knowledge in certain cases.

For those of our out-of-state clients, given that we hail from a smaller market, we are able to provide substantial and proven legal services at rates which are based upon where we live and raise our families.

Our clients have the confidence in knowing that their matters will always be handled by of the firm's experienced attorneys. Through the efficient use of attorney resources and legal technology, we are able to handle client cases in a very cost-effective manner. Our firm utilizes a team litigation approach, with our entire staff handling different aspects of our large, complex cases.